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CDS Publications

  • Art and Illusion - Deluxe Edition: SOLD OUT - Out of Print

  • Coping With Crossing: $14.00  

  • Identity Management in Transsexualism: $15.00  

  • Sacred Cows Make The Best Hamburger - Essays by JoAnn Roberts: $10.00  

  • Speaking As A Woman by Alison Laing: $10.00  

  • Straight Dope on Hormones Monograph: $4.00  

  • Transsexual's Survival Guide, Vol. 1: $15.00  

  • TS Survivial Guide II, for Family, Friends & Employers: $10.00  

CDS DVD Videos

  • Coping With Crossdressing Couple's Issues: $20.00  

  • Speaking As A Woman DVD: $20.00  

  • LadyLike Deportment DVD: $20.00  

  • Art & Illusion Tricks & Tips DVD: $20.00  

  • JoAnn Robert's Basic Makeup DVD: $20  

  • An Evening With Dr. Biber MtF: $20.00    

  • An Evening With Dr. Biber FtM: $20.00  

LadyLike Magazine: Available Issues

  • LadyLike #66: $12.00  

  • LadyLike #69: $12.00  

  • LadyLike #71: $12.00    

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