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A little history...
EnFemme magazine was started in the summer of 1987 by Robyn D. Her idea was to create a magazine suitable for the transvestite, transsexual, and female impersonator. This last focus came from Robyn's close proximity to New Hope, Pa., and the many female impersonators who perform in the bars there.
EnFemme was published bimonthly asnd contained an interesting mix of fiction, how-to articles, and interviews. What it lacked were good photos. The first several issues were photocopied (at least they look like photo copies). It wasn't until the second year that better photos started showing up.
Initially I had nothing to do with EnFemme, other than to advertise CDS publications. However, in late1989 Robyn approached me with an offer to buy EnFemme. I did and kept Robyn on as editor. We upgraded the magazine little by little and eventually went to a larger size and upped the page count to 36 full-sized pages.
The last issue of EnFemme was published in August of 1991. In October of 1991, the magazine returned as International TranScript.
What I'll do here is reprint some of the fiction articles, some of the cartoons, and maybe photos from later issues. Check back every so often to see what's new.
JoAnn Roberts

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EnFemme#1 - July/August 1987 - The Premiere Issue.


  • Letter From the Editor
  • Amanda's A Man, Dear!
  • Transvestite Private Eye: serial novel
  • My TV (a poem)
  • Electrolysis: The True Story
  • How To Make Love to a TV
  • Goddesses (pictorial)
  • The Funny Pages (cartoon parodies)
  • Personal Ads
  • Classifieds

EnFemme#2 - Sept/Oct 1987


  • Letter From the Editor
  • Amanda's A Man, Dear! Conclusion
  • Transvestite Private Eye: Part 2
  • Monica Rey: World's Loveliest Boy
  • My Lady (poem)
  • En Femme Questionnaire
  • Femiphobia
  • Still Waiting for the Videos
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Classifieds

EnFemme#3 - Nov/Dec 1987


  • Letter From the Editor
  • Henri David's Hallowe'en Party
  • Transvestite Private Eye: Part 3
  • TV Interview: A Talk With Tina & Her Family
  • Poetry Page
  • Fall Fashion Tips
  • Traveling Trash & Talent Tuesday
  • Provincetown -- A Report by Robyn & Donna
  • Personals
  • Classifieds

EnFemme#4 - Jan/Feb 1988


EnFemme#5 - Mar/Apr 1988


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