Couples' Issues
Couples' Issues

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Coping with Crossdressing, 3rd Edition, by JoAnn Roberts, Ph.D.

Too often, women are encouraged to simply accept their partner's crossdressing without really understanding the behavior. JoAnn Roberts looks at crossdressing from both sides of the relationship and gives positive advice on how to cope. A serious book for couples in committed relationships struggling with crossdressing. This newly expanded third edition includes a series of Perspective essays on: Sex & the Married Transvestite, Crossdressing & Christianity; Divorce, and Self-Esteem, among others.
84 digest size pages, US$14.00

Coping With Crossdressing: The Couples' VIDEO

Every couple who struggles with crossdressing in their relationship will appreciate this video. Every crossdresser who wonders how to tell his partner will find this video helpful. Every partner who wonders if she is the "only one" will find help in this video. Three happily married couples candidly discuss their relationships and how they cope with crossdressing. 90 min.
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